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Robotized Action Glazing

B&t WHITE provides robotized glazing systems able to guarantee high productivity, immediate adaptation to the variability of the production lots and constant quality over time.

All the components are manufactured using high quality materials, to ensure a long life cycle and prevent any risk of contamination of the product.

The main advantages offered by b&t WHITE glazing system are listed below.

  • Different configurations and layouts of the cells to be adapted perfectly to every production reality, with the possibility of customized solutions.
  • Complete automation of all stages of the work.
  • Possibility of integration with systems of automatic handling of the product, even for fully automated plants.
  • Possibility of implementation of the  VistaVision  artificial vision system developed by SIR, for the automatic recognition of the incoming pieces.
  • Consistency in the work quality guaranteed by the robots and by the precise dosing system mass of the glaze.
  • The glazing booths can be equipped with dry filters, for a total recovery of over spray.
  • Cycles can be generated through self-teaching, point-to-point programming, mixed programming and off-line.
  • Standard configurations:

    • TYPE 1: 4-positions carousel
    • TYPE 2: 2-positions carousel
    • TYPE 3: Double line with 2-positions carousel

    axes 6
    Wrist capacity 5 kg
    movement Joint – cartesiano – tool
    compressed air 7 bar – 20 l/min
    programming Self-teaching, PTP, off-line
    installed power 6 kW

  • Sanitary robotized glazing lines are particularly suitable for intensive  and high level productions, ensuring perfect repeatability of the process and excellent product quality, minimizing wastage of glaze due to over spray.